Global IDC Rooms

In the western United States (SAN jose) data center infrastructure
In the western United States (Los Angeles) data center

Shatin, HK data center

HK Mega-I data center

Xinhuafeng,HK data center

Singapore Global Switch data center infrastructure

Shatin, HK data center

Computer room address:

Charcoal whangee foreign street, shatin, New Territories. 8-12

Network connection:

Access to local operators and most international operators in Hong Kong
provide China telecom IPLC, IEPL, ChinaNet, VPN, IPSEC access to a variety of ways

Power system:

Two way into line 4 * 1600 kva transformer, UPS use 2 n configuration (8 * 400 kva), battery life more than 15 minutes. Diesel generator (2 * 1600 kva), the use of N + 1 configuration, when loaded with oil (27000 litres) of more than 10 hours.

Cooling system:

20º C ~ 24º C, humidity: 50% +/- 10%

Security system:

Closed-circuit television (CCTV), intelligent security system, 7 x24 hours security control, access to the registration

Comprehensive evaluation:

Operator of neutral TIER 3 + machine building

Fire detection and protection:

Smoke alarm system and FM200 gas fire extinguishing system

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